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As one of the largest renovation projects in Canadian history, we knew from the outset that this project would be complex. With multiple stakeholders overseeing the renovation we understood that it would be key to communicate clearly with everyone involved.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Heritage Building

Our challenge was to complete our portion of the project to specification while maintaining the structure's historical integrity. As the original Vancouver post office building is a of historical significance, the project had to adhere to strict guidelines and best practices. One example of this challenge was preparing the building for additional construction. Our engineering and construction teams were faced with planning and supporting the whole structure so the foundation could be replaced in its entirety to support the mass of two new 15-story towers being added to the building.

Seismic Upgrades

In addition to modifications to the foundation, extensive seismic upgrades were done, including the addition of 2 floors within the existing structure. While the historic building underwent a significant renovation and vertical addition, the heritage façade will be largely preserved. Extensive planning was required to ensure that demolition and constructing trades could work safely and efficiently together, sometimes in the work zones.

Record Setting

Several additions were also made to help maintain the heritage status, making this project a record-setting renovation project in Canadian history. The result is a stunning combination of historical and innovative architecture that meets high energy-efficient design standards.

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