Sheppard’s Garden Tower and Parkade

The scope of the build for the Sheppard’s Garden tower and parkade was extensive. The building plan included a two-level underground steel parkade and a 16-story, all-steel residential tower. Our teams were responsible for the engineering, fabrication, and construction of the structure.

Edmonton, Alberta

Unusual Design

High-rise structural plans are routine for our teams; however, the two-level underground steel parkade was an unusual design and presented an opportunity for us to apply innovative engineering and building practices.

The Solution

This project was a true design-build in that we played a role at each stage of development. Whitemud Ironworks took on the role as the primary consultant for the project. We worked hand in hand with the building owner and took on all the engineering and communications with the projects team. The result led to the sleek, modern residential tower and large capacity underground garage standing today.

Any Scale

The project reinforced that our integrated divisions can tackle projects of any size or scale, no matter which roles we are asked to fill. Whether we're working in partnership with other organizations or taking the lead as consultants, our team completes projects with professional leadership and quality workmanship.