BC Hydro GIS Building

Our teams recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting project with BC Hydro for a new-build geographic information system (GIS) building near Vancouver, British Columbia. While this was a relatively small-scale infrastructure project, the building required heavy construction and infrastructure installation.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Brief

The GIS building acts as a power distribution station that would be used in the event of a natural disaster. If a significant seismic event were to occur, this power station would be necessary to deliver essential power to hospitals, police stations, and other essential services in the region. Our task was to fabricate and erect a structure that could withstand a disaster of the magnitude that would knock out power throughout the lower mainland.

The Solution

As is usual in our design-build projects, Whitemud was involved in all steps of the infrastructure creation. Our in-house engineering division, fabrication units, equipment, project management teams, and construction crews were able to complete this heavy construction project with excellent outcomes. The result is an extremely stable and reliable piece of infrastructure that will serve many communities in an emergency situation and last for decades to come.