Department of National Defence Fuel Air Bomb Towers

This project for the Canadian Department of National defence was unique and presented our divisions with exciting engineering challenges. In response, we brought a start-to-finish solution to the table, including design and engineering, fabrication, and installation.

Edmonton, Alberta

The Brief

The scope of the project was to design and construct massive pipe within pipe standalone columns. Our engineers created an innovative, non-visual sleeve connection design to connect the pieces of the pipe that had a full moment capacity yet maintained the paint integrity.

The Solution

Our ability to control all aspects of the project, including supply, fabrication, design and construction, allowed us to complete this job to specification without sub-contracting or outsourcing. The entire project was completed by our teams, making the process quicker and more dependable than if materials or labour had to be outsourced. This project strongly reinforced our reputation for solving complex structural challenges. Whether a project has an unusual scope, building constraints, or needs a custom solution, our team always rises to the occasion.