Rogers Place Arena

As the primary downtown arena and event venue in Edmonton and a landmark destination, the construction of the Rogers Place arena was an exciting project for our team.

Edmonton, Alberta

Busy Downtown

Rogers Place came with some particular challenges, the greatest of which was the location of the construction. Working in a busy downtown area of a large city presents many challenges, no matter what the project is. Successfully erecting the facility in downtown Edmonton required a tremendous amount of careful, strategic planning and coordinating all the plan’s complex components, such as materials and equipment. Health and safety were a top priority throughout the project.

The Solution

A massive volume of steel was required to build the arena. Partnering with LPR Construction, our internal divisions installed 9000 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel for the arena structure. Thanks to a strong partnership and careful planning, our team successfully completed a project that draws thousands of visitors and has sparked continued growth throughout the downtown Edmonton region.

9000 TONS