Vancouver Airport

The Pier D expansion project at the Vancouver International Airport was a complex build involving 4500 tons of steel. The Whitemud Ironworks team worked directly alongside the tarmac at one of Canada’s busiest and largest airports.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Completed 2020

Time Crunch

Our skilled team rose to the challenges this project presented on a compressed schedule. From the start, the project’s initial construction start date was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. When we were informed of the delay, our project managers and team leaders stepped in to update the project plan. This allowed us to complete the project without shifting the project completion date.

Superior Supply Chains

The next challenge was arranging for supplies and materials to arrive faster than usual. The Whitemud team worked together to ensure everything was ordered, scheduled, and delivered when and where we needed it. The changes required significant overtime, additional planning and coordination, and an adjusted execution plan.

High Quality Results

Thanks to our team's hard work and motivation, we completed this project in line with high-quality standards alongside our partners at PCL Construction, YVR and their consultants. Although COVID-19 related delays prevented the immediate opening of the newly built wing, the project was completed on time on client’s compressed schedule.

4500 TONS